The Goedewaagen Palace series

The palaces are for sale for $35 each, or $180 for all 6

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Drakesteijn 1draak_1front 1draak_2side 1draak_3back 1draak_4bottom
Paleis op de Dam 2dam_1front 2dam_2side 2dam_3back 2dam_4bottom
Paleis het Loo 3loo_1front 3loo_2side 3loo_3back 3loo_4bottom
Paleis Soestdijk 4soestdijk_1front 4soestdijk_2side 4soestdijk_3back 4soestdijk_4bottom
Huis ten Bosch 5bosch_1front 5bosch_2side 5bosch_3back 5bosch_4bottom
Paleis Noordeinde 6noordeinde_1front 6noordeinde_2side 6noordeinde_3back 6noordeinde_4bottom